I did not make these delicious dumplings.

    But I did enjoy eating them.

    My Story

    Investor and advisor to healthcare and consumer startups. Involved in real estate transactions, both as an active owner and in the crowdfunding commercial arena. Inadvertent owner of local cafe / bakery gem.


    Board member of Ronald McDonald House of Providence. Trustee of the Rhode Island Preservation Society. A certified barbeque judge from Kansas City Barbeque Society. Interests include: photography with fancy lenses, food, climbing really tall mountains. I like to eat.


    Mother to 3 strong ladies: 6 year old firecracker who likes to break dance at farmer's markets and eats Slim Jim's and calamari,  3 year old whose first word was "Moana", and a determined baby. True fact: Oldest daughters were born on the same day, 3 years apart. Wife to a fantastic husband and fellow adventurer.


    Currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island.



    DKJC Ventures, LLC

    Angel investor in healthcare and consumer startups. Worked in and around startups my entire professional life. Former consultant at healthcare strategy groups at Oliver Wyman and PRTM (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers). Real estate investor and agent at SRCI Group in Providence, Rhode Island. Member of Cherrystone Angel Group.


    MIT & Harvard

    MBA from Harvard Business School. SM in clinical sciences from MIT-Harvard Division of Health Sciences and Technology. BS in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


    Staying Local

    Serve as Board Treasurer on the Ronald McDonald House of Providence. Active in BridgePointe Christian Church in East Providence, RI. Educational Counselor for MIT's Admission Council for Rhode Island.


    Mega-rock climbing gym chain in Southern California

    DNA purification company acquired by Chiral Technologies

    Online, upscale resale boutique acquired by Schoola

    Analytic capabilities for sensor environments

    Drama free bridesmaid dresses selection and service

    Helping you to invest in startups (Orange Fund)

    Real estate crowdfunding platform for commercial real estate investment opportunities (selected investments)

    Technology solutions to drive sustainable behavioral changes and long-term outcomes in weight management, diabetes, and beyond.

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    joanne_chang @ alum.mit.edu